The Southern California Mothers of Multiples Clubs, Inc. (SCMOMC), has been offering services to area clubs since 1968. Established clubs are provided with information on club ideas and issues, as well as an opportunity to exchange information with other area clubs.  Prospective clubs are given guidance relating to club formation.

If you’re a new area club and want more information on joining SCMOMC, email our Vice President, who is in charge of membership by clicking here.

Members of SCMOMC meet regularly at State Conventions & Workshops, each of which are held annually in May and November. SCMOMC consists of over 40 local mother of multiples clubs throughout Southern California and Clark County, Nevada.

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this organization is to unite mothers of multiples clubs in Southern California to share procedures, ideas, educational information; encourage their membership in the Multiples of America; to assist in forming new clubs and to cooperate with medical and educational researchers. This organization shall be non-profit, non-sectarian and non-commercial.

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